WHAT IS VOXER?  The mobile phone app (Apple/Android) is a free Walkie Talkie app for smartphones. It is both a live "push-to-talk" system and a voice messaging system for asynchronous conversations and sharing of voice clips, text and pictures.

HOW ARE EDUCATORS USING IT? Create, discuss and share ideas/events using the #eduvoxers hashtag. Find opportunities to leverage Voxer in education with the following resources:

  • Many education chats, conferences and leadership teams now use a Voxer group to collaborate asynchronously from day to day. Check out this great resource gDOC which features a growing number of Voxer groups for you to join. 
  • After signing up, add your name and location to this master #eduvoxers gDOC directory containing just under 1000 educators from around the world. Special thanks to Theresa Stager (@principalstager) for putting this resource together.
  • Check out a new Google Doc resource where you can find an #eduvoxers group. Have a group you'd like to open to others? Submit it here.  Special thanks to Karen Corbell (kcorbe306), Heather Gauck (hgauck428) and Sarah Thomas (@sarahdateechur) for faciitating this open and helpful PLN-based resource. 
  • EdCamp Leadership (#edcampldr) organizer? Be sure you (and your team) has completed the gFORM to be included in the 2015 #edcampldr organizer #eduvoxers group here. 
  • If you have questions, please reach out via @MCDPEL or @eduvoxers on Twitter or email us here. 

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This resource is aimed to provide folks a place to learn how to leverage the social media tool, Voxer, at their own pace. The information below contains everything you need to complete all three modules of this Voxer course designed specifically for teacher and parents new to Voxer. Inside this course are examples of the forward-thinking, selfless and collaborative people that make up my personal learning network (PLN). You will enjoy USING YOUR VOICE instead of your fingers to articulate beyond 140 characters in this connected community. Have fun!
Total course completion time: 20 minutes. May be shorter based upon a pre-existing knowledge base of social media.
Directions: Navigate Part 1-3 below as you work through the course. (Completing all parts in the same sitting is not necessary, but completion within the same week is recommended. This course & Youtube components have been customized to allow for listening in the car, at work or at home)
Part 1: What is Voxer?
Part 2: Registration & Interface Overview
Assignment 1: Register for Voxer after viewing the second video. Once you've chosen your Voxer handle, add your information to the  Global VOXER DIRECTORY of educators.
Part 3: Finding People & Resources, Ideas on Using Voxer in Education (#eduvoxers)
(Podcast coming soon from Bill Krakower and Joe Mazza)

  Resources/sites referred to in this course: Know of another great post? Please add below in the comments section. 

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