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"We're going 1:1" - LIVE #pennsv16 Leadership Scenario 

Posted by Joe Mazza

4/6/16 11:39 AM

The latest @backchannelEDU episode (6 min) was recently submitted by an educational leader practicing in the field. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud. 

As an added support, this principal is charged with proposing short and long range 1:1 plans for implementation of a 1:1 program at  we've invited Andrew Marcinek of the Department of Education, also the author of the 1:1 Roadmap, and the whole team over at EdSurge since we cite their latest resource for educators.

Suggested Next Steps:

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100,000 Silicon Valley Steps & Counting

Posted by Joe Mazza

3/30/16 3:52 PM

100,000 Silicon Valley Steps & Counting

I've been back on the east coast for 3 days, and I'm still sore from all the walking our #pennsv16 team did. After averaging just over 5,000 steps a day in the past month, visits with over 30 companies and schools across the Silicon Valley area netted me 113,000 steps (48 miles!)

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Lessons from Alaska: The SAMR Model

Posted by Jennifer Botzojorns

6/16/14 11:14 AM

Last year a University of Pennsylvania @MCDPEL group traveled to Helsinki to study education in Finland. Two weekend ago, three members of this group, Joe Mazza, Martha Richmond and I had the opportunity to attend the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) Spring 2014 Conference in Anchorage, Alaska.

Our goal at this conference was to share understandings from last year, but also to learn from others from around the world -- Australia, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Guam, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries.  Workshops spanned a variety of topics from Creating a Learning-Scape to Explore Digital, Social, and Mobile Media, designing MOOCs and Bridging the Digital Divide.

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MCDPEL Perspectives: Alaska's Statewide Youth Suicide Efforts

Posted by Joe Mazza

6/10/14 10:28 AM

1,130,192 = # of calls answered by a Careline number (emergency call center) throughout US in 2013


Following #HETL14 in Anchorage, AK, a MCDPEL study team of Jennifer Botzojorns (Cohort 11), Marty Richmond (Cohort 4) and Joe Mazza (Cohort 9) were lucky to meet and visit with Barbara Franks at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. The team aimed to learn about ANTHC efforts to provide suicide prevention awareness and education to Alaska natives. Barbara's son Ron Whitcraft died by suicide at the age of 23. Shortly after she lost her husband to cancer. Listen to her story and how she is now taking an active role to prevent youth suicide during the team's one hour interview below via Soundcloud. 

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