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@MCDPEL alum @mqroth co-hosts AASA's #suptchat to share latest research on Superintendents' Use of Twitter

Posted by Joe Mazza

8/4/16 7:00 AM

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Pardon the Innovation

Posted by Joe Mazza

9/21/15 11:00 AM

An @NAESP - @MCiLAB Webinar on Innovating School Leadership Through Social Media Tools

Presenters:  In this 45-minute interactive webinar, TX Principal Don Jacobs (@Don_Jacobs) and PennGSE's Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza / @MCDPEL) replicate ESPN's daily, rapid-fire, Pardon the Interruption sports-talk show to discuss 10 social media tools for innovating ed leadership. Find (and comment) on the Google Slideshow embedded in this resource here



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#EdListen or Read: 10 Tools for Ed Leaders via #NASSP15 Ignite Lightning Round

Posted by Joe Mazza

3/19/15 5:16 PM

The following podcast was recorded during the 2015 NASSP Ignite Conference in San Diego, California. The voices you hear are real school leaders practicing in the field. Here they share a few go-to social media tools that help them learn personally and professionally, as well as collaborate and build relationships across stakeholders. 

*Soundcloud is linked below, but this track is also a BONUS TRACK on the new #B@CKCH@NNELedu "scenario-based" podcasts airing on Mondays. Also now available on iTunes and Stitcher


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Educators in the Public Square - Jose Vilson

Posted by Joe Mazza

11/10/14 12:30 PM


PennGSE’s Mid Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership presents a book talk with Jose Vilson (www.thejosevilson.com) on his ground breaking book This Is Not A Test. The event explores Mr. Vilson's perspectives as a Black Latino male classroom teacher who is also a leading voice in teacher leadership and the #EduColor movement. MCDPEL student Khalilah Harris (C11) leads the discussion as part of the Program's Student Leadership Challenge.


Questions Presented:

  • Are self-proclaimed education reformers seeking to empower communities to decide what reforms should look like in their communities?

  • Are schools of education and/or alternative education programs supporting or hindering education reform in the ways they recruit and prepare future educators?

  • Do education reform celebrities make space for and amplify the voices of people in communities they serve through their own bully pulpits?

  • Are the most prominent education reform agendas helpful and/or even beneficial to communities of color?

Format: The event was available LIVE on location AND virtually. Hashtag #pennedchat was engaged as an active backchannel for local and global interactivity. See what those engaged with Jose and Khalilah had to share on the Twitter backchannel below.

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Educators in the Public Square - An Evening w/ @SamChaltain

Posted by Joe Mazza

9/30/14 3:07 PM

LIVE LINK: http://upenn.adobeconnect.com/pennedchat/

When: Saturday, October 18th @ 6:30PM EDT / 3:30 PM PST

Where: PennGSE's Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Ed Leadership, 3440 Market St, Philadelphia, PA-5th Floor Conf. Ctr.

What: Schools are in the midst of their biggest structural shifts in over a century -- from school choice to blended learning. But how clear is our vision of what the ideal schools of the future actually need to look like, and how are we supposed to get there from here?

Educator and writer Sam Chaltain believes that before we can realistically envision what ought to be, we need to become much clearer about what is. His newest book, Our School: Searching for Community in the Era of Choice, explores that is/ought tension via the yearlong stories of two public schools in DC -- one a brand-new charter school opening its doors for the first time, and the other a neighborhood school that first opened its doors in 1924. Join him, along with several of the educators whose journeys he chronicles, for a wide-ranging conversation about leadership, systems change, and the challenge of reimagining education for a changing world. The evening will focus on three guiding questions:

  1. What do schools need to start, stop and keep doing in order to reimagine themselves for a changing world?

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Hearing Voices… A Reflection on Social Media and the NAESP Annual Conference

Posted by Eric Bernstein

8/12/14 10:06 AM


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Lessons from #NAESP14: The PLN = PD

Posted by Tony Sinanis

7/17/14 2:03 PM

There it is… The PLN = PD… And for those of you who don't know what the letters stand for here it is… the Personal Learning Network equals Professional Development! My words of wisdom… My profound moment for the day. Done!

Ok… so this may not be too profound and not so wise because most of you reading this probably realized this idea a while ago but this was crystalized for me over the last couple of days while at the National Association of Elementary School Principals (#NAESP14) Conference in Nashville. NAESP '14 was my first presentation at a national conference – needless to say, I was beyond excited and totally nervous. I was fortunate to be invited to speak on the Power of Branding and the importance of telling your school story (check out the resources from that presentation here). Don't get me wrong – I have presented on this topic before but never on a national level. Furthermore, the presentations I had done in the past were never really that “fun” for me (let alone the attendees) and I never felt like I hit the “sweet” spot were the overall experience was not only powerful but that people left the room inspired to try something new. That all changed over the last couple of days.

<- #NAESP14 Social Media Lounge Ambassador Team

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Strangers in a strange land: making the familiar strange and expanding edu-scapes through social media

Posted by Martha Richmond

7/1/14 1:46 PM

When I returned from Finland I was invited to lead a faculty workshop on insights I gained through our trip. Using technology such as social media offered an authentic voice to the ideas I wanted to share with colleagues and fellow administrators. Technology offered the group the chance to “hear” ideas and novel stances that in other formats would have been regarded with suspicion of hidden agendas. Instead, using social media and hearing the voices of Finnish teachers as well as some of my fellow travelers, my colleagues found themselves hearing, thinking and then examining ideas about our practice in a novel way. Topics of inclusion, action research and team teaching tainted in the past as politically loaded, were reframed and now on the table with new understandings, non-stereotypical thinking and new voices. As a result of the presentation, our faculty discussion seemed unbounded by previous institutional prejudices and commitments. The familiar had become strange.

Thus, I found myself pondering some essential questions:

  • How can looking at technology through the lens of the

    sociology of the “stranger” change percepti

    ons of the role of technology in the classroom?

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