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Superintendents to Host First 'EdCamp Leadership' of 2016

Posted by Joe Mazza

1/15/16 9:59 AM

If you are a school superintendent, you've probably heard by now that AASA, the School Superintendent's Association, is hosting their first EdCamp experience at the national conference February 12th in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are planning to attend, we want you to be part of the planning, propose a session, and/or or stop by the Innovations Lab powered by @MCDPEL's @MCiLAB. Provide your Voxer handle to this form to be added to the #iSupt Eduvoxers group, where you can connect with a group of reflective minds through asynchronous opportunities, when it works for you. Reach out with your Voxer handle to be added to this new "Think Tank" for School Supts. Register for the AASA Conference here. 

Following #NCE16, educational leaders will find more opportunities to professionally develop both themselves and organizational colleagues through unconference-inspired events on the following dates: 

  • February 11th in Phoenix, Arizona - #NCE16 (AASA Nat'l Conference).
  • February 25th in Orlando, Florida - Search hashtag #NASSP16 to see and follow who is going, and learn more. Register for NASSP's 2nd EdCamp Leadership event in two years here
  • July 5th in Washington, DC - Search #NAESP16 to see who is going and register for NAESP's first EdCamp here. Register for the conference here
  • July 11th - 50+ US and International locations for the 5th annual EdCamp Leadership event. Last year the location was extended beyond Philadelphia, with over 2,000 edleaders from 18 US, China and Chile locations. 
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#EdListen or Read: 10 Tools for Ed Leaders via #NASSP15 Ignite Lightning Round

Posted by Joe Mazza

3/19/15 5:16 PM

The following podcast was recorded during the 2015 NASSP Ignite Conference in San Diego, California. The voices you hear are real school leaders practicing in the field. Here they share a few go-to social media tools that help them learn personally and professionally, as well as collaborate and build relationships across stakeholders. 

*Soundcloud is linked below, but this track is also a BONUS TRACK on the new #B@CKCH@NNELedu "scenario-based" podcasts airing on Mondays. Also now available on iTunes and Stitcher


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Nat'l Principals Month & #CE14 kick-off with FIVE Twitterchats for school leaders

Posted by Joe Mazza

10/1/14 12:54 PM

October was National Principals' Month (#PrinMonth) and also Connected Educators' Month (#CE14). 

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (@NAESP) and National Association of Secondary School Principals (@NASSP) partnered together to offer five Twitter "chats" to encourge connectivity, collaboration, inspiration and ongoing consrtruction of a global personal learning network for school leaders.  

If you tuned into to Twitter hashtag #cpchat (Connected Principals Chat) on Thursday nights at 8PM EDT / 5PM PST, you would have seen the conversations below happening. Each has been archived for your on-demand perusal. (Need help with Twitter? Here's a free Twitter 101 course & plenty of other resources). 

Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 8PM EDT / 5PM PST
  • Topic: How Principals Can Best Support Technology Integration In Their Schools

    Moderators: Rosie Vojtek (@rvojte, Connecticu) & Jason Markey (@jasonmmarkey- Illinois) 

Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 8PM EDT / 5PM PST
  • Topic: Constructive Teacher Evaluations

    Moderators: Jessica Johnson (@principalj, Wisconsin) & Kenneth Durham (@principaldurham- California)

Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 8PM EDT / 5PM PST
  • Topic: Using Social Media For Professional Learning

    Moderators: Amber Teammann (@8amber8, Texas) & Joe Mazza (@joe_mazza - Pennsylvania)

Thursday, October 22, 2014 - 8PM EDT / 5PM PST
  • Topic: Cultivating Teacher Leaders

    Moderators: Brad Currie (@bradmcurrie, New Jersey) & Jethro Jones (@jethrojones - Alaska)


Thursday, October 29, 2014 - 8PM EDT / 5PM PST (2nd Chat Added at 8PM PST)
  • Topic: Building & Sustaining A Positive School Culture

    Moderators: Daisy Dyer Duerr @DaisyDyerDuerr) & Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza) at 8PM EDT

           Moderators: Chris Wejr (@ChrisWejr) & Cale Birk (@BirkLearns) at 8PM PST

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