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[VIDEO]: Children of the Plains via ABC News & Diane Sawyer (40min)

Posted by Joe Mazza

4/12/15 10:37 PM

Our @MCDPEL #pennlakota15 team (above) just returned from a week on the #PineRidge reservation. Before we traveled to this struggling South Dakota reservation, many of us watched the ABC News segment (below) hosted by Diane Sawyer where she followed reservation life for a year and a half. This piece is now three and a half years old. View the video below to set a visual "backdrop" for the blogs that will follow here over the next 10 days. To follow along, add your email address to the "SUBSCRIBE TO EMAIL UPDATES" tab on the right hand side of this page. The following video contains strong content.

After viewing the 40 minute clip, and throughout this blog series, our research team invites you to share your thoughts either in the comments section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #pennlakota15. Our virtual #pennlakota15 partners, the #aussieED PLN (Australian educators) will also be contributing the this conversation. To join our #pennlakota15 #eduvoxers group, please reach out to Joe Mazza via email with "Add to #pennlakota15 Voxer group" in the subject line. 

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Just what kind of an educator are you?

Posted by psumazza@gmail.com

10/28/13 9:44 AM

@MCDPEL Cohort 11 Student Khalilah Harris (@Ed2BeFree) shares her reflections from a recent #pennedchat conversation on educational branding.

Often times in education it seems leaders, at times, take on a persona dictated by their environments. I’ve heard the range in perceptions including their school is a great school, therefore, they are a great leader to the superintendent or board really likes them, therefore they a great leader, to their test scores or college admissions rates are high and therefore… you guessed it, they are a great leader. Unfortunately, when I probe into just what kind of leader they are or what exactly makes them or their school stands out from others, I receive blank stares or a question about what I mean. If school leaders are going to have meaningful impact on the lives of the people around them it is important they are reflective and intentional about where and how they implement their educational practice and philosophy.

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