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We're Going 1:1 (LIVE EdLeadership Simulation)

Posted by Joe Mazza

4/6/16 12:00 PM

The latest @backchannelEDU episode was recently submitted by an educational leader practicing in the field. 

As an added support, this principal is charged with proposing short and long range 1:1 plans for implementation of a 1:1 program at  we've invited Andrew Marcinek of the Department of Education, also the author of the 1:1 Roadmap, and the whole team over at EdSurge since we cite their latest resource for educators.

Suggested Next Steps:

  • Listen to the 6 minute clip on your own, in the car, treadmill, or whichever way you prefer to confirm receipt of media,
  • Use Twitter (#bEDU0203), the NEW public Voxer thread or share  comments section below to guide our conversation. 
  • Subscribe to the Innovations Lab (to the left) to be sure you recieve every edleadership simulation of the spring. Here is a link to last year's 12 episodes (free/open). 
  • Participate in the LIVE backchannel simulation on Wed., 3/23 at 2PM EDT. 

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