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Superintendents to Host First 'EdCamp Leadership' of 2016

Posted by Joe Mazza

1/15/16 9:59 AM

If you are a school superintendent, you've probably heard by now that AASA, the School Superintendent's Association, is hosting their first EdCamp experience at the national conference February 12th in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are planning to attend, we want you to be part of the planning, propose a session, and/or or stop by the Innovations Lab powered by @MCDPEL's @MCiLAB. Provide your Voxer handle to this form to be added to the #iSupt Eduvoxers group, where you can connect with a group of reflective minds through asynchronous opportunities, when it works for you. Reach out with your Voxer handle to be added to this new "Think Tank" for School Supts. Register for the AASA Conference here. 

Following #NCE16, educational leaders will find more opportunities to professionally develop both themselves and organizational colleagues through unconference-inspired events on the following dates: 

  • February 11th in Phoenix, Arizona - #NCE16 (AASA Nat'l Conference).
  • February 25th in Orlando, Florida - Search hashtag #NASSP16 to see and follow who is going, and learn more. Register for NASSP's 2nd EdCamp Leadership event in two years here
  • July 5th in Washington, DC - Search #NAESP16 to see who is going and register for NAESP's first EdCamp here. Register for the conference here
  • July 11th - 50+ US and International locations for the 5th annual EdCamp Leadership event. Last year the location was extended beyond Philadelphia, with over 2,000 edleaders from 18 US, China and Chile locations. 
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Pardon the Innovation

Posted by Joe Mazza

9/21/15 11:00 AM

An @NAESP - @MCiLAB Webinar on Innovating School Leadership Through Social Media Tools

Presenters:  In this 45-minute interactive webinar, TX Principal Don Jacobs (@Don_Jacobs) and PennGSE's Joe Mazza (@Joe_Mazza / @MCDPEL) replicate ESPN's daily, rapid-fire, Pardon the Interruption sports-talk show to discuss 10 social media tools for innovating ed leadership. Find (and comment) on the Google Slideshow embedded in this resource here



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Edcamp Foundation Announces Next Chapter Back Where It All Started

Posted by Joe Mazza

8/18/15 2:14 PM

On August 17th, Edcamp Executive Director Hadley Ferguson (@hadleyf) announced the Gates Foundation awarded the Edcamp Foundation a $2M grant to support the organization’s ongoing growth. Edcamp began here in Philadelphia in 2010 as a teacher-led, participant-driven, personal and professional development experience focused on teaching and learning. In five years, it has grown to from K-12 public school focused to a model for all types of schools including higher education, as the Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Ed Leadership held their first Program Edcamp last year. 

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Sustainable Networks Through #EdCamp, #EdSims & #FutureReady Summits

Posted by Joe Mazza

6/12/15 4:50 PM

Education leaders attending non-traditional conferences in growing numbers

On July 13, 2015, EdCamp Leadership events will take place in 17 different locations around the United States—as well as one location in South America. The movement, which was started by a group of Philadelphia educators in 2009, brings together educators for professional learning in an unconference format, with participants crafting the day’s agenda as the event begins. All EdCamps are FREE, so register soon before your event location fills to capacity.

Read more about the EdCamp movement.

The Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Ed Leadership (@MCDPEL) has been a partner of the EdCamp Foundation for the past several years, serving as host of this free annual summer event for school leaders in Philadelphia. During last year’s August 4th event, more than 250 educational leaders from nine states were in attendance, sparking a conversation on expanding the event across the country in order to provide more local opportunities for state departments of education, local associations, and those with limited resources and unable to travel.

According to Hadley Ferguson (@hadleyjf), Executive Director of the EdCamp Foundation, there have been over 700 EdCamps around the world since the movement launched in 2009. The non-profit is growing based on interest and funding support internationally, and she serves as the go-to supporter for EdCamp organizers everywhere.

On May 29th, the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) hosted its second EdCamp in the last two years. The day brought together educators, leaders, parents and policymakers from around the country to engage in participant-driven, relationship-based professional development.

Richard Culatta snaps an end of day selfie with @MCDPEL’s new selfie stick at the U.S. Department of Education’s EdCampUSA.


A few highlights from 2015 EdCamps thus far…

    • National Association of Secondary School Principals (@NASSP) became the first professional organization to experience EdCamp firsthand. NASSP kicked off their annual conference by bringing leaders and board members together for a session.
    • The New York City Department of Education Principal Preparation Division hosted two highly attended EdCamps, further embedding these unconference-style adult learning events into their repertoire. Both the Thursday evening and Saturday morning EdCamps were highly attended by NYC education leaders and DOE staff. More on that experience including feedback from participants here.
    • At the National Association of Elementary Principals’ (@NAESP) National Conference this summer, there will be EdCamp express sessions built into the centrally located Innovations Lab schedule. Follow #NAESP15 for details. Check out this month’s Principal Magazine centered on Networks for School Leaders.

Is higher education preparing teachers and leaders for new trends in professional development?

What are teacher and leadership programs doing with students, staff and alumni to model unconference formats for teaching, learning and leadership? During the #EdCampUSA held last month at USDOE, Secretary of 

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90.1 KILI RADIO interview/photos from #pennlakota15 study team visit

Posted by Joe Mazza

4/22/15 3:12 PM

In this recording the #pennlakota15 research team sat down together to share takeaways with Dayna Brave Eagle. Hear the full 59 minute interview recorded on 4/9/15 below. Special thanks to KILI RADIO for welcoming our team to their studio at 90.1 Purcupine, South Dakota.  You can listen LIVE there a well as connect to their Facebook Page.

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NEW PODCAST: Supporting New Principals

Posted by Joe Mazza

4/14/15 5:00 AM

Listen to the needs of a new principal on a poverty-crippled reservation in South Dakota in the latest #B@CKCH@NNELedu Episode 07. Also learn about the #aussieED chat on cultural perspectives inspired by the #pennlakota15 trip to study Pine Ridge reservation.

How would YOU support Principal Lawson's need for a "mid-career" leadership refresher?

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[VIDEO]: Children of the Plains via ABC News & Diane Sawyer (40min)

Posted by Joe Mazza

4/12/15 10:37 PM

Our @MCDPEL #pennlakota15 team (above) just returned from a week on the #PineRidge reservation. Before we traveled to this struggling South Dakota reservation, many of us watched the ABC News segment (below) hosted by Diane Sawyer where she followed reservation life for a year and a half. This piece is now three and a half years old. View the video below to set a visual "backdrop" for the blogs that will follow here over the next 10 days. To follow along, add your email address to the "SUBSCRIBE TO EMAIL UPDATES" tab on the right hand side of this page. The following video contains strong content.

After viewing the 40 minute clip, and throughout this blog series, our research team invites you to share your thoughts either in the comments section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #pennlakota15. Our virtual #pennlakota15 partners, the #aussieED PLN (Australian educators) will also be contributing the this conversation. To join our #pennlakota15 #eduvoxers group, please reach out to Joe Mazza via email with "Add to #pennlakota15 Voxer group" in the subject line. 

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#EdListen or Read: 10 Tools for Ed Leaders via #NASSP15 Ignite Lightning Round

Posted by Joe Mazza

3/19/15 5:16 PM

The following podcast was recorded during the 2015 NASSP Ignite Conference in San Diego, California. The voices you hear are real school leaders practicing in the field. Here they share a few go-to social media tools that help them learn personally and professionally, as well as collaborate and build relationships across stakeholders. 

*Soundcloud is linked below, but this track is also a BONUS TRACK on the new #B@CKCH@NNELedu "scenario-based" podcasts airing on Mondays. Also now available on iTunes and Stitcher


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US DOE Office of EdTech Director to School Leaders: "I'm Not That Tech-Savvy" No Longer Acceptable

Posted by Joe Mazza

2/16/15 3:55 PM

Today, we took 10 minutes to talk with Richard Culatta, Director of the US DOE Office of Educational Technology in Washington, DC, on the new #FutureReady effort - specifically to understand the vital role school and district leaders must play. Hear Richard below on the latest @MCDPEL Podcast.

The Office of Educational Technology (@OfficeOfEdTech) provides leadership for transforming education through the power of technology. OET develops national educational technology policy and establishes the vision for how technology can be used to support learning.  OET supports the President’s and Secretary’s priorities by:

  • Promoting equity of access by ensuring all learners are connected to broadband internet.
  • Supporting #FutureReady educators and a robust ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Leading cutting-edge research in learning analytics and data to provide new types of evidence and customize and improve learning.

The #FutureReady effort (linked here) builds on the momentum of the President’s ConnectED Initiative with the launch of the Future Ready "Pledge" for School Superintendents. The pledge recognizes the importance of building human capacity within schools and districts for effectively using increased connectivity and new devices to transform the teaching, learning and leadership. 

Superintendents from districts across the country have been signing the pledge, demonstrating their commitment to work collaboratively with key district stakeholders to set a vision for digital learning, to empower educators through personalized professional learning, and to mentor other district leaders in their own transition to digital learning. More resources can be found below and on the Office of Ed Tech's website.

About the Future Ready District Pledge

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New "Scenario-Based" School Leadership Podcast Series Launches 3/2/15

Posted by Joe Mazza

2/4/15 5:07 PM

Over the past few weeks the NEW Innovations Lab at @MCDPEL has been used by students, faculty, staff, alumni and most recently high school students debriefing their STEM presentation from #EduCon. 

The role of the Innovations Lab will vary from lens to lens within the MC Program. Aside from building connected capacity across the students, faculty, staff and alumni, the goal is to leverage today's emerging technologies (podcasting, social media, video, etc.) to innovate in the area teaching, learning and leadership. One exciting project that will launch next month is called BackchannelEDU, a weekly scenario-based podcast based on connecting research to practice across the educational space and involve real roles, real leadership scenarios complete with real voices from the field, cutting across race, gender, class, ethnicity and sexuality. Social media will be embedded throughout the process as school leaders around the world will be encouraged to “backchannel” reflections stemming from each episode throughout week using #backchannelEDU on Twitter.

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